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Everything you need to start helping your patients

The Ripple Provider Starter Kit

When you receive your Ripple Provider Starter Kit you will find everything you need to get your first case started inside. 

  • Welcome Letter
  • Ripple Plus Display Model
  • SPG Kit
  • Lab Slips
  • Ripple Retainer Pen
  • 40 Patient Care Instructions
  • 20 Patient Education Brochures
  • 1 Free Provider Appliance

Detailed Training & Certification

Online Training

With detailed training, you can confidently suggest the right appliance for your patient’s case.

Educate Patients On Good Sleep

Marketing Materials

Quickly educate and let patients know that you are an office that can help them with their Ripple Appliance. Order and have marketing materials shipped directly to your office or download our online marketing materials.

Sending Ripple Cases is

At Ripple, we use cutting edge technology to design and print all of our appliances. That is why we accept digital scans. Every Ripple case can utilize a unique digital workflow, making the process more seamless for you and even better for the patient.

Simple Slim Design For Maximum Comfort

Ripple Product Line

Ripple Retainer

Appliance Breakdown

The Ripple Retainer is a great solution for all of our patients who need an Oral Sleep Appliance.

Treats: Bruxism, TMJ/TMD, post ortho and protects cosmetic dentistry.

Ripple Plus

Appliance Breakdown

With everything the Ripple Retainer provides, the Ripple Plus is slim and comfortable so that your patients can benefit from a full night of sleep. With a 60% reduction in AHI patients sleep & breath better.

Everthing the Ripple Retainer Provides + More

Treats: Treats: Bruxism, TMJ/TMD, post ortho, protects cosmetic dentistry

Ripple Is Changing Lives

Your patients will thank you for choosing the Ripple. With its comfortable design and proven effectiveness your patients will be more compliant and will have you to thank. 

They are Big fans

Provider Testimonials

"I love my Ripple it's very comfortable and fits well. No adjustments needed."
Eugene Santucci DDS
Family Dental Foster City
"I think the Ripple Retainer is great. I wear mine every night."
Jennifer Sunkin DDS
Hudson River Dental Arts
"I love my [Ripple] appliance its the only appliance I have not had issues with."
Sang Y. Shin DDS, FAGD
Pacific Family Dentistry
"Patients love the [Ripple] appliance and are pleased with how comfortable they are."
Synergy Dental Center
"I love my Ripple Plus I can tell a difference when I wear it at night and when I don't."
Sleep Apnea Kerrville
"I have used it to treat patients and family members. I’m continually impressed by the results. If you don’t sleep well check out Ripple!"
Aaron Attwood
Pacific Family Dentistry

How Ripple Appliances Compare To Others

Ripple Retainer
Ripple Plus
Product Ripple-Retainer_Update Essix Retainers Hawley Appliance Full Coverage Splint
3D Printed X X X
Treats TMJ/TMD X X X
Reduce Muscle Activity X X X
Protects Teeth X
Treats Bruxism X X X

Your Patients Need your Help

Dental Sleep By the Numbers

0 Million
Americans Suffer From OSA1
0 %
Increased Risk Of Heart Failure3
0 %
Increased risk of Stroke3
0 %
Of Women Suffer From OSA2
0 %
of OSA cases are associated with obesity4
0 %
Of people with OSA have depression6
0 %
Of Men Suffer From OSA2
0 %
of OSA cases remain unidentified5
0 %
Increased risk of coronary heart disease3

Still, Have Questions?


Ripple Provider Starter Kits ship within 2-3 business days of being ordered. Depending on your location you can expect to receive your starter kit within 5-10 business days following the ship date.


D9940 Occlusal guard, by the report. (Removable dental appliances, which are designed to minimize the effects of bruxism (grinding) and other occlusal factors.)D7880 Occlusal Orthotic Device, By Report (This code presently includes splints provided for temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment.)

Medical Insurance

21085 Impression and custom preparation; oral surgical splint (TMD)
21089 Unlisted maxillofacial prosthetic procedure (Bruxism)
21110 Application of interdental fixation device for conditions other than fracture or dislocation, includes removal
E1399 Durable medical equipment, miscellaneous

3Shape Trios

This is the preferred digital scanner for the Ripple system.

However, any dental digital scanner will provide the information that our lab needs to create the best Ripple Appliance. 

Ripple cases are manufactured and shipped within 5 business days from the date of complete submission. i.e. Lab slip, patient bites.

The Ripple appliance can be billed in several ways, depending on the way you are using it and the conditions you are treating. It can be billed as orthodontic retention, an occlusal guard, ortho Retainer, an orthotic appliance, or a sleep appliance. Coverage will depend entirely on the policy and the documentation you have. It’s critical that your notes match the code you choose.

At this point, Ripple Appliances are not approved by medicare. 

Yes, there is online video training that is included in your registration that you are able to watch. You also get dedicated provider support you can reach out to with any questions. 

Training Outline

Introduction to Ripple

    • The Dentists’ Role In Sleep Treatment
    • Ripple In Action
    • Understanding The Sleep Position Guide (SPG)

Ripple Retainer

    • Register Bite Position
    • Delivery Appointment 

Ripple Plus

    • Register Bite Position
    • Delivery Appointment 

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